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“Bella Strength is by far the best gym I’ve ever been to. It offers a personalized experience where the coaches know you and your individual goals and injuries or mobility limitations, with the fun of a group ex environment…”

“…Everyone is laid back and friendly, but also serious about proper technique. I’m constantly being challenged and learning something new. After 6 months at Bella, I am stronger than I have ever been.”

Libby Horton 

Bella Strength Personal Training + Group Class Member

“I’ve tried a bunch of local gyms and this by far is the BEST in Boulder! There are so many awesome things about Bella Strength but if I had to pick a few I would say that I love it here because the owners are very knowledgable (about fitness, mobility and injuries), feels like you’re part of a community and every class is unique and taught by incredible coaches…”

“…It’s the first workout that I’ve done where i look forward to going to class, even if it’s at 6am! I LOVE it here and would recommend it anyone who is looking for a strength & conditioning studio or just a place to meet new people and have fun!”

Natasha “Tasha” Kelly 

Bella Strength Member

“If you truly care about getting in shape and want to be pushed both mentally and physically this is the gym for you…”

“…The strength and conditioning combinations increase strength while also increasing your cardiovascular threshold. No one does it better!”

Adam Wertz

Bella Strength Member

“Best gym I have ever been too. Excellent combination of personal and group training. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been. The coaches are very well trained and the workouts are well thought out. Wonderful and supportive group of members. Modern and very clean facilities.”

Claudia Barkmeier 

Bella Strength Member



“I’ve jumped around to many gyms in Boulder, and there is nothing else like Bella. The coaches are second to none; the level of effort they put in to ensure every member is receiving the best possible training to reach their goals is remarkable. The community provides an encouraging and fun place to work out!!”
–  Kathryn Newman

“Best gym in Boulder. Every workout is coached by an expert who has tons of experience. Emphasis on strength, endurance, mobility, explosiveness, and core. Great community of members, young and old. Awesome state-of-the-art facility. Programming for daily classes is excellent, all with a purpose in mind. Workouts posted a week in advance, so you can schedule your workout week. Events and clinics. What more can I say?”
– Susan Morley

“Possibly the cleanest gym in Boulder with lots of top-end equipment. Great coaching, and I love the organization into mesocycles so we can see real improvement across our lifts and movements!”
– Andrew ‘Andy’ Newman

“The best gym I’ve ever experienced. Intelligent coaching/programming, great camaraderie, fun and supportive atmosphere.”
– Laura Yasuda

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At Bella Strength, we offer a variety of personal training, group strength and conditioning classes and health + wellness coaching packages to fit everyone’s needs. We’re here to help you reach your fitness and health goals — in and outside of the gym.