Why You Should Always Pay More for Your Gym Membership.

Jon Harbour

We’ve all been tempted by what appears to be a great deal on the surface. Especially when it comes to our fitness. Whether it’s the 10-minute workout DVD we ordered at 2:00 a.m. for “three easy payments of $19.99”, or the new big box gym offering $19.95 monthly memberships, it seems we are bombarded by these great deals on a daily basis. If you look a little closer though, are they really a bargain or could they be the very reason why most people seldom reach their health and fitness goals?

Let’s take the new big box gym down the street that is offering $19.95 monthly memberships and compare it to what seems to be an expensive gym that charges $200 a month for small group training:

$19.95 Big Box                               $200 Expensive Gym
$4.60/Week                                    $46.19/Week
$.65/Day                                          $6.67/Day


So far so good for our Big Box Gym…but let’s take a look at the results….

When things are cheap, inexpensive or free we simply don’t commit to them, because we don’t value them. It becomes much easier to sleep in, cancel, re-schedule, or just “no show”.

Common stories we tell ourselves when we don’t value our fitness:

“I didn’t get any sleep last night, I’ll just reschedule and show up tomorrow.”

“Work has been crazy this week; I’ll just take the next few days off.”

“I’ve got so much going on now. I’m going to rest up this month and then hit it hard come January…next year is the year.”

You get the picture, and we’ve all been there. Days become weeks. Weeks become months, and before long, that $19.95 Big Box Gym membership costs you several hundreds of dollars a year and what have you received in return? You’re still trying to lose the weight, get off that medication, sign up for that marathon, or just feel more confident and move pain free. Now think about what that has cost you? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands of dollars? How does that effect everything else in your life, from your relationships to your job performance and overall happiness? I’m sure you’d agree that your health is priceless. It has a direct effect on every single aspect of your life. This effect can be negative or positive, but there’s no denying its magnitude. However, when you pay more for your cable bill than your gym membership, what kind of story are you really telling yourself and what does that truly cost you over the days, weeks and months?

“…..when you pay more for your cable bill than your gym membership, what kind of story are you really telling yourself….”

Now let’s take a look at how things change when we commit to value our health and fitness at the “Expensive Gym”:

“I didn’t sleep well last night but this is a big commitment and I need to show up as often as possible.”

“Works been really tough but I’m seeing real change in the gym…I need to keep it up”

“Its been another busy year but I’m already setting new goals for myself and things are just easier outside of the gym.”

So what’s changed? Its simple, you’re finally valuing your health and fitness more than your cable bill. You are finally committed to reach those goals because the story you tell yourself is in alignment with your goals. Unlike the example of our big box gym experience, what appears expensive on the surface actually has a massive positive effect on your entire life. You’ve finally lost that weight, completed that marathon, got off that medication, or just feel great and have more energy. Most importantly, you continue to reach and achieve new goals and life doesn’t get in the way anymore. Now what’s all that worth? Still sound expensive?