Just Show Up

Jake Sterny

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Your alarm jolts you awake at 5:00 am and with the sleep from last night still trying to pull you back into your big comfortable bed, you roll and stumble your way to the kitchen where the sputtering coffee machine you prepared the night before is working away. Eyes still heavy as you pull yourself behind the wheel of your car you turn the key hearing the roar of something familiar and alive and wonder how anything can be that awake at this hour. It’s a short drive to your drive gym, but, it feels extra long today for some reason. Maybe it’s the traffic, maybe it’s the lack of sleep from the night before or even maybe the fact that your coffee just hasn’t seemed to kick in yet. After what seems like a lifetime you pull into the parking lot of your gym and put your car in park. As you sit behind the wheel you begin rationalizing to yourself why you won’t walk through those doors today. “Maybe it’s okay that I made the effort to get all the way here. That counts right? I’m just going to go grab a donut or something. I feel like I couldn’t do it today anyway”. Or, “At least I made it here. That’s more than some people can say”.

Against all odds however you manage to unpeel yourself from the drivers seat and make your way through the door.

As soon as you walk in you catch a comforting whiff of the rubber covering the floor, the bright lights overhead and the familiar smell of chalk. Despite against what seems like all odds you manage to make it through those doors and begin to warm up. Every movement and every stretch seeming to be harder than the day before, you are still wondering why your massive bed is empty and how your coach manages to be so energetic at what is now 6 am. Initially you just want to quit, “Today is just not my day”.

It’s takes everything you have to make it through the warm up and even the workout, which on the surface does not look hard. But during cool down,  something happens.

The lights of the gym don’t seem as bright, your energetic coach doesn’t seem as annoying and the sun is rising now, painting everything in bright red, orange and pink. Something else has changed too. You feel better. Your eyes aren’t heavy, your body still aches but not as much and your head is clear. You’re ready for your day to begin. All of this a result of showing up.

I want to take a second and convey to you the importance of showing up. Making a commitment to better your life is one thing, but, showing up is a decision that is an entirely different animal and the most important one.

On days that you do not feel like it. Days where your job is rough, your children require a lot of your attention, you are stressed or your body is a little sore, are the days when you need to show up most.

You may not be able to perform each movement exactly as written but doing what you can do at 100 percent for that day will help you get much closer to your goals than someone who did not show. Showing up also allows you to rid yourself of all the stress from daily life. It gives you an outlet. In my opinion it’s much better than therapy and it’s also a lot more fun. Showing up is simple and making a decision to do so will be your key to success.

So next time when you just can’t seem to muster the courage to walk through the doors of your gym because you are tired, stressed out, or what have you, I want you to remember that in simply showing up and doing what you can, you are giving yourself an outlet for all of that. You are allowing yourself to improve and you will always be one step ahead of someone that did not show up.

Coach Jake